“IDX20803: Unable to obtain configuration from ‘System.String'” – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Error Message

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When using TEKLYNX CENTRAL web interface (BBUI), a user received a series of error messages:
‘IDX20803: Unable to obtain configuration from: ‘System.String’.
‘IDX20807: Unable to retrieve document from: ‘System.String’.
‘HttpResponseMessage: ‘System.Net.Http.HttpResponseMessage’
‘HttpResponseMessage.Content: ‘System.Sting’

IDX20803 indicates that the error is an Invalid Operation Exception. And, IDX20807 indciates an I/O exception. This article will explain the cause of the error that generated these messages as well as how to fix the underlying causes.

IDX20803 error message appearing in TEKLYX CENTRAL web interface.


The cause of the IDX20803 error, along with the other ones that appear is due to the IIS .Net Core being improperly configured. This can happen if IIS is installed after installing TEKLYNX CENTRAL. The TEKLYNX CENTRAL v6 installer contains dotnet-hosting-3.1.13-win.exe that installs and configures .Net 3.1.13 during the install process.

Quick Fixes

Re-run the dotnet-hosting-3.1.13-win.exe

  1. Go to TC installation package folder and find the following prerequisite: TKCENTRAL\ISSetupPrerequisites\{3CC9E37B-7D73-4FBE-9AB8-626CEB4FDD29}\dotnet-hosting-3.1.13-win.exe
  2. Run it and click Repair.
Repairing .NET Core 3.1.13
  1. Open Command Line as Administrator and run iisreset.
Running IISReset
  1. Try to log onto the TEKLYNX CENTRAL site.

Additional Comments

Issue found: TEKLYNX CENTRAL v6.0 running on Windows Server 2016

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