Mission Statement

Efficient Business Integrators (EBI) is committed to helping our clients set up, integrate, and maintain labeling, inventory, asset, and tracking systems to maximize efficiencies, reduce downtimes and ensure regulatory compliance.

EBI is more than a trouble-ticket help center. We work with clients to identify their needs and then provide suggestions and solutions without bias towards any one provider or product. Our goal is to remove the mystery of software and hardware options so that our clients can have as much confidence in their systems as they do in their own fields of expertise.

Focus on Results

EBI works with our clients to achieve the desired business results. Whether it is an increase in productivity, a decrease in errors or achieving full compliance with rules and regulations, we know that “one size does not fit all”, even within the same industry. We take a hands-on approach to creating the customized solution that works with your specific needs.

Knowledge Transfer

At EBI, we’re not a call center eager to give you an answer and then get you off the phone. We use our years of experience to analyze your challenges and give you the necessary information to understand the situation and make informed choices. We also help you maintain institutional knowledge of your labeling and tracking systems, ensuring continuity over the years.

Commitment to Client Success

EBI’s success is based on that of our clients. We get most of our business by referrals from our vendors and our existing clients. We’ve earned our good reputation by consistently helping our clients continue to succeed in an ever-changing business world