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Implementation and support services for labeling and tracking systems

What We Do

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Factory Labeling Automation

We take labeling automation far beyond automatic print and apply of labels. Our team helps clients to
integrate ERP and MRP systems. For case labels, this often means assigning and confirming (via barcode
and vision scanners) lot codes and serial numbers for product traceability and serialization. For pallet
labels, we assist clients in connecting their inventory and warehouse systems to print and apply
machines using barcoded LPNs (aka license plate numbers) and specialized labeling software (e.g. EPLS).

Labeling Compliance and System Validation

Any company that seeks to meet high standards in product quality (i.e. follow GMP or Good
Manufacturing Practice) should run a label system with strict controls and traceability. In regulated
industries, the FDA requires ALL companies to meet these standards. We help clients with all aspects of
label system compliance and validation. This includes creating label designs that meet GS1 and HBICC
standard (such as UDI), integrating with manufacturing software such as ERP and MRP, and controlling
and validating the approval and print process with approved software and documentation.


Lab Specimen Tracking and Storage

Efficiently storing and finding lab specimens requires a system that encourages and assists the lab team
with the discipline of following Good Lab Practice (GLP). We use specialized lab specimen tracking
software with barcode scanning technology to help users accurately and quickly store and retrieve
material in liquid nitrogen tanks (LN2) and negative 80 (-80) freezers. Our team helps clients with the
setup, training, and support of complete validated specimen tracking systems.

Enterprise Labeling Implementation

Organizations with multiple printing stations benefit from centralizing the label approval and printing
processes. Centralizing allows both users at different workstations and even integrated label printing
systems (directly linked to ERP / MPR systems without user interaction) to ALL use the same label
versions, ALL share the same user access and approval rules, and allow system managers to monitor and
control ALL labeling from one place. We help clients migrate / upgrade to and support centralized
enterprise-wide systems.

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