Label Does Not Pick Up Data from Drop File – NiceLabel Automation Problem

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A label that had printed without issue from NiceLabel Designer, would print without data when printed using the NiceLabel Automation process. The label does not pick up data from the drop-file as intended and only printed the content that was present within the template.

Situation and Symptoms

You have:

  1. A NiceLabel template with a few data fields to be entered when printed.
  2. You want to have the label printed automatically when a text file is deposited into a designated folder.
  3. You have created a NiceLabel Automation (NiceWatch) file to handle the automation process.
  4. You have set the trigger to monitor the folder.
  5. You have set the Data Filters to use Dynamic Structure.
  6. But, when you run the Preview, you do not see the data from the drop file printed on the label.


There are a few reasons why this situation could occur:

  • An incorrect delimiter is used in the Data Filters
  • An incorrect text qualifier is used in the Data FIlters
  • The first line in the drop file must contain the field names for each of the data elements separated by a comma (“,”). Likewise, the field names must match the variable names in the label template.
  • The first line in the Drop-File contains spaces between the comma and the next field name:
    Incorrect –  F1, F2, F3, F4
    Correct –    F1,F2,F3,F4


Check for occurrences of any of the situations listed above to locate the source of the issue. Correcting the error should resolve the issue.


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