Software Upgrades

Change is inevitable and there will come a day when your go-to software needs to be upgraded. EBI works closely with the major players in the labeling industry. We will work with you to identify your current needs as well as your future goals. Then, we will prepare an upgrade plan that identifies the best path forward. This will include hardware, server, and database considerations as well as the proper software upgrade path – even if the best path forward is to transition to a new software platform. Because EBI is not tied to any one software provider, we are able to take an impartial look at your needs and find the best solution for you.

Compliance & System Validation

We understand the challenges in keeping up with labeling mandates from large customers, FDA, OSHA, EPA, etc. and meeting high standards in product quality and are here to help you run alabel or tracking system with strict controls and traceability. We help clients with all aspects of system compliance and validation. This includes creating label designs that meet GS1 and HBICC standard (such as UDI), integrating with manufacturing software such as ERP and MRP, and controlling and validating the approval and print process with approved software and documentation.

  • Explaining UDI industry compliance rules
  • Helping with label design and system va
  • Advising on meeting barcode and RFIF standards
  • Staying up on the latest trends and regulations

Configuration/Customized System Design

Whether you’re building your capabilities from the ground up, moving a previously outsourced process in-house, or expanding your packaging and labelling stream, it’s absolutely critical that it be done right the first time and is built with an eye towards the future. EBI understands that standing up a new system not only represents a considerable capital outlay, but that such a system will play a major role in a company’s operational efficiencies for years to come. As a result, our specialists will take the time to determine your needs as well as your plans and existing budget. And because we are not tied to any one vendor or manufacturer, we can help you design a system that will not only meet your needs in the present but is future-proofed so that it can continue to meet your needs year after year. And, by working with you to identify milestones and benchmarks within your business plan, to optimize your system to grow along with your business.

Support Services

Technology has always seemed to move at a rapid pace, and that’s never been truer in this day and age. It’s a challenge to keep up with the latest developments in packaging, labelling and inventory control and still do the day-to-day work. Fortunately, at EBI keeping track of the current and developing logistics and shipping technology is our day-to-day work. And with over a decade as the industry leader in helping operators find the solution to their labelling and tracking challenges, we bring the deep institutional knowledge that our clients have come to rely on.

We maintain a constantly updating knowledge base that allows users to diagnose and resolve most basic challenges. We don’t load it up with confusing technical jargon, nor do we hide behind a paywall. We are that confident that this useful resource proves that we are the experts in the field, so that when it’s time for expert consultation on your unique challenges and situations,there’ll be only one choice on who to call. We offer a variety of support packages that can be tailored to your operations requirements. Read through some examples of how we’ve helped ourclients, and then give us a call and let’s start the conversation!