Print & Apply

Print & Apply

As technology advances and your business grows, the same hardware solutions that worked so well for you a few years ago are now looking increasingly dated and are no longer able to keep up with your current needs. This usually doesn’t mean that it’s time to scrap everything and start over with a huge capital expense. Instead, new hardware can often be integrated onto your system with minimal effort – as long as it’s done smartly.

Sometimes, it can be as simple replacing an old component with an updated version. Or, it can be a bit more involved such as adding a pair of automatic label printer/applicators to a packaging line with a pair of scanners downstream to speed up efficiencies and accuracies. EBI’s professionals will work to understand your needs and goals, analyze your existing infrastructure, and find the best solution that fits within your budget.

We also help clients create a centralized enterprise-wide system to support multiple printing stations for a consolidated label approval and printing processes. Centralizing allows multiple users in multiple locations to:

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Changing GS1-128 Barcode Date Field Format – LABEL MATRIX Instructions

Target Audience: Advance User, IT ManagerArticle #: 12888 Summary In the US, dates are written in the order of month, day and then year (MM/DD/YY). However, for certain application identifiers (AI) using standard GS1-128, barcode date field formats may need to be presented in a different order. Day-Month-Year (DD/MM/YY) which is used in most of…