“Your subscription has expired. Contact TEKLYNX to renew your license.” – TEKLYNX Error Message

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The “subscription has expired” error message.


This article explains the cause behind, and the solution to the error message “Your subscription has expired. Contact TEKLYNX to renew your license.” This error message can occur with any of the software programs developed by TEKLYNX and the the solution applies to all of them.


As the error message states, your subscription period for the software has expired as far as TEKLYNX’s activation server (in the cloud) is concerned. The software on your workstation makes occasional checks with this server for software updates as well as verification that the license is still active. In other words, it “phones home” to make sure that it is up to date and that it has not expired.

When a client renews the subscription, TEKLYNX immediately updates the activation server to reflect the new expiration date. The next time the software contacts the server, it sees the new expiration date and continues to function as normal.

The problem comes when the renewal takes place after the software has done its most recent check in with the activation server and, having seen no update to the expiration date, it will automatically stop working on the expected date. This typically happens when the client renews with less than a week to go before their license expires. The software does not perform a follow-up check between its normally scheduled contact with the server and the expiration date if it falls before the next scheduled contact with the server. The result is that the client sees the error message even though they’ve extended the subscription.

EBI can check directly with the TEKLYNX server to verify the status of your subscription.


If you have not renewed your subscription, you will need to do so first. Contact us to renew ASAP. We can then update the TEKLYNX cloud activation server.

If you had renewed a few days prior to the expiration date, or if you just renewed, then you will have to deactivate and then reactivate the software to reestablish the connection to the activation server.

To deactivate and reactivate a TEKLYNX network license, click here.

For instructions on deactivating and reactivating a single user license, click here.


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