WSD-Enabled Printer Uses Multiple Seats – NiceLabel Problem

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Some printers on the market are enabled for Web Services for Devices (WSD). This Microsoft technology standard makes it easy to discover and use network-connected devices. When a printer is added to a network – either by plug-and-play in Windows, or by being manually added – the Windows Port Monitor creates a unique WSD port name for the printer on each workstation that adds the printer. While this simplifies connecting to network printers, it unfortunately creates a problem where the WSD-enabled printer uses multiple seats within NiceLabel. These multiple seats count against the total number allowed under the user’s licensing package.

Situation and Symptoms

  • One WSD-enabled printer connected to a network and serving as a network printer.
  • Multiple workstations adding that printer
  • A seat is consumed in NiceLabel for each workstation printing to that printer.
The same printer with multiple WSD identifiers.


When you purchased your NiceLabel license, you specified the number of printers that you would be using at a single time under that license. For example, you purchased one license for use with five printers. NiceLabel refers to to each printer as a “seat”.

Microsoft uses a plug-and-play port monitor for WSD-enabled printers. The printers advertise their functionality for the network. Each connection of a workstation to the WSD-enabled printer generates a unique WSD port address. Unfortunately, NiceLabel treats each of these WSDs as an individual printer. As a result, the printer uses multiple seats.


  1. Disconnect the printer from ethernet or USB. Or, turn off its WiFi connection.
  2. Disable WSD on the printer. Refer to your printer’s documentation regarding network settings.
  3. Uninstall the printer and remove its driver from each of the workstations:
    a. In Windows, delete the printer from Printers & Scanners.
    b. Next, click Windows Key (⊞) + R.
    c. Enter printul.ex/s and press the Enter key.
    d. Locate the printer’s device driver and remove it.
    e. Restart the computer.
  4. Reconnect the printer to the network and add the printer. However, this time, it needs to be added to each workstation as an IP printer.

Additional Comments

Issue found with NiceLabel Cloud Licensed Printers.

Inspired by: Xtremity

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