Wrong Object Properties Appear When Right Clicking on Object – CODESOFT Problem


This article explains the cause and solution to a CODESOFT problem that causes the wrong object properties to appear when right clicking on an object.


When editing a label in CODESOFT and right clicking on a field, the properties shown sometimes are from a different object on the label.


There are a couple of possible explanations for this phenomenon:

  1. Clicking on an object with the left mouse button in CODESOFT will put the focus of the software on that object. If you right-clicked on another object without first left clicking on it, you will still see the properties of the former object.
  2. There are multiple objects at the spot where you right-clicked.  When that happened, right-click will only apply to the object that is ‘on top’.  If you wish the right-click to apply to another object at the same location, you will either have to move the ‘top’ object out of the way or perform a send-to-back to effectively send it to the ‘bottom’ so the item below will be the ‘top’ object.  Depending on the number of objects, you may have to do this a few times.


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