“No Unique Data Found” – Workday App Error Message

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This article explains the Workday mobile app error message No Unique Data Found [Product ID]. Additionally, this article provides details to fix the underlying issues that caused it.

Zebra PDA with “No Unique Data Found” error message on Workday app.


The Workday app is looking for an AIM ID appended as a prefix to the data being sent from the scanner. This tells the app whether that data is coming in from the phone’s camera or a scanner engine from an industrial device manufacturer.

Quick Fixes

Most industrial scanners provide a setting to append the AIM ID as a prefix to data. The values typically appear as three characters such as C0 for Code128 or A0 for Code39. See your scanner’s manual for instructions on how activate this setting on your scanner.

Datalogic Memor 10

For users of the Datalogic Memor 10, the Send Code ID is located in Scanner Settings.
Scanner Settings > Formatting > AIM Identifier before

Additional Comments

Issue found: Datalogic Memor 10, Android OS

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