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After a recent Windows OS update, a user attempting to launch CODESOFT receives a Windows Version Mismatch error stating “This Software version is too old for this Microsoft Operating System. Please use a more recent version of the Software.” 

Windows version mismatch error when running CODESOFT v2021.0000 following Windows 11 upgrade.


Simply put, the error message indicates that the software in question needs an update to be compatible with Windows 11.

This error message appeared following an upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11. The user was trying to launch the first release of CODESOFT – v2021.0000 – which had been installed prior to the upgrade.

Quick Fixes

TEKLYNX is aware of this problem with and has provided a new release that is compatible with Windows 11. At the time of this article (November 7, 2021) CODESOFT v2021.0001 is available for download from their website at

Additional Comments

Issue found in CODESOFT v2021.0000 running on Windows 11.

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