“Windows cannot access \\localhost@6050\DavWWWRoot” – NiceLabel Error Message

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It is possible for NiceLabel Cloud users to select label designs from the Windows File Explorer rather than through the cloud. However, while this functionality will work on Windows 10 or 11 PCs, attempting to do this in Windows Server will produce an error message reading “Windows Cannot Access \\localhost@6050\DavWWWRoot.”

This article explains the issue, its cause as well as the solution.


Like the similar NiceLabel issue where Windows “cannot access… @8080\DavWWWRoot”, the issue is an inability to connect to Control Center. What makes this confusing to many is that it will work in certain circumstances, but not others. The difference between working on a PC running WIN10 or 11 and not working in a Windows Server environment is that Windows Server does not have certain features found in the OS. WebDAV Redirector is one of the missing features.


Because WebDAV Redirector is missing from Windows IIS (Internet Information Services), it needs to be added in order to resolve the issue.

  1. Open the Server Manager for IIS and click Manage on the upper right.
  2. Next, click Add Roles and Features.
  1. Choose a role-based or feature-based installation
  2. Go to the Features selection and choose WebDAV Redirector.
  1. At the Confirmation step, click on Install. Restart IIS if necessary

Now that DavWWWRoot has been installed, users should be able to navigate from the Windows File Explorer to the NiceLabel Control Center when using NiceLabel applications.

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