When Printing Multiple Labels Need to Click Print for Every Label – LABEL MATRIX Problem Article


When using LABEL MATRIX to print multiple copies of the same label, you have to click Print Label(s) once per label printed.

Situation and Symptoms

When printing labels, you have to click Print Label(s) button multiple times to get all the labels to print.  If you need to print 100 labels, you will need to click the button 100 times. There are no settings that you can see in the properties of the label or printer driver to disable this behavior.


In LABEL MATRIX, this behavior is caused by the definition of the data entry field in the label. When setting up the label that has keyboard data entries. By default, the LABEL MATRIX sets the frequency for the data entry to be ‘per label’. The setting for this can be found in the property of the element(s) in the label file. In the Data tab, confirm that the Origin is Keyboard Input. Click Advanced. The Ask When field in the subsequent window shows how often user has to enter the information to the label. The default is Label. This means that the program expects user to enter information for each label.


The adjust the program behavior so that you only have to click Print Label(s) once when printing multiple copies of the same label – change the Ask When from Label to OnceYou will have to do this for all of the fields that are set for Keyboard Input.


Additional Comments

Article Written Using: LABEL MATRIX v2018 on running Windows 10


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