What to do After Ordering NiceLabel Label Cloud – Instructions

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When Efficient Business Integrators (EBI) orders a Label Cloud subscription license on your behalf, the publisher, NiceLabel will send the access information direct to you. In order for EBI to properly configure Label Cloud to your specific requirements and equipment, you will need to add your EBI representative to the list of users.

It is important that you do this before doing anything within the software. New users have inadvertently used up their printer count by sending test print jobs to their various printers, which resulted in having no printer access when they were ready to start in earnest.


Soon after EBI has ordered your NiceLabel Cloud subscription, you will receive an email directly from NiceLabel.

Sample Email from NiceLabel for new users of Label Cloud

Click on the “Sign in and activate your account” button. It should open a web browser and prompt you to log into your Label Cloud account. You may use either your Microsoft or Google account to log in. Use the same email address that received the invitation email. And, if you have not already done so, create either a Microsoft or Google account using that email address. Sign into the Label Cloud account.

Sign in using either a Microsoft or Google account.

After successfully loggin in, you will be directed to the NiceLabel Control Center. Click on Administration and Users.

NiceLabel Control Center Window with Administration tab selected.

Click on +Invite guest user.

Guest Users Window

Fill in Invitation email, Name and Description in the Users window.

Fill out the highlighted fields shown.

Once everything is filled out, scroll to the bottom of the window and the Access roles section and click +Add.

Access roles window.

The Add roles window will pop up. Select Administration (for the role of the guest user) and click Add at the bottom.

Select Administrator to give your EBI representative permissions to configure your account.

Once you’ve clicked Add, you will be returned to the Invite guest user window. Scroll back to the top and click Invite. An email will be sent to your EBI representative and you are done.

Click Invite to send the email out to your EBI representative.

Once EBI receives the invitation email, we will log in to confirm access and begin configuring your account to meet your needs.


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