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When attempting to access TEKLYNX CENTRAL using a hand-held device, the user gets a message that no licenses are available. TEKLYNX states that all available licenses are currently in use. Worse, the licenses will not release using normal methods. Fortunately, the solution is located in the software itself and this article will guide you through the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

Situation and Symptoms

Attempting log into TEKLYNX CENTRAL using a web browser or mobile device results in an error message, “no licenses available.” As far as TEKLYNX CENTRAL is concerned, the maximum number of licenses available are all currently in use even if no one is actively logged in.

Unfortunately, the “normal” methods of freeing up licenses by terminating sessions are unsuccessful.

  • Terminating sessions in UMSS
  • Terminating sessions in TEKLYNX CENTRAL
  • Restarting TEKLYNX services
  • Restarting the TEKLYNX server machine


A batch utility (.bat) allows you to clear web user licenses. Fortunately, this utility is located on the TEKLYNX CENTRAL server and is part of the default install package.

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Teklynx\IdentityProvider.
  2. Right-click the file ReleaseWebLicenses.bat
  3. Choose Run as administrator

Running the batch file will not open a dialog box or window. It will run and then close. Running it from Windows will briefly open a Command Prompt window which will quickly close as the file executes and terminates. The best way to confirm success is to re-check the available licenses in the TEKLYNX CENTRAL Command Center.

NOTE: Running ReleaseWebLicenses.bat will end ALL web user sessions so it is best to make sure that any such users who might be logged in save their work and log out before running.

Additional Comments

Issue found with TEKLYNX CENTRAL V6

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