Web Site List is Empty During TEKLYNX CENTRAL 4.5 Installation – Problem Article

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This problem occurred during the installation of TEKLYNX CENTRAL 4.5 on a Windows Server 2012R2. The installation program proceeded normally up to the step where it prompted you for Online Printing Interface. The box for this option is automatically checked. 

After clicking Next, you would normally see Default Website in the dropdown box. However, when this problem occurred, the selection box is empty.

Situation and Symptoms

  • Installation proceeds normally
  • Online Printing Interface web site selection box is empty.


This is a very rare problem. To our knowledge, it has occurred only once. It happened during the installation of TC 4.5 on a physical server running Windows 2012R2 and SQL Express 2014. We’ve confirmed that all the prerequisites were met and IIS was functioning properly.


You will need to add IIS 6 Management Compatibility role to the Web Server (IIS) – using the Add Roles and Features.

However, the reason for this role to be added is not clear. It is not a part of the system requirements for TEKLYNX CENTRAL 4.5


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