VPM Program Will Not Connect to Camera(s) at Startup – Datalogic VPM Problem


This article explains several possible causes to Datalogic VPM not being able to connect to the camera at startup, and offers several possible solutions to these problems.


VPM is not connecting to the cameras.

There can be a few reasons for this problem:

  • Camera cables not properly attached or wired
  • IP Address for the MX20 (LAN1 Network Adapter) Does Not Match the IP Address of the Cameras
  • Camera CAT5e cables inserted after the start of of VPM
  • Windows binding order prevents VPM from finding the camera IP address (Problem Article: KBA-01402-N6R0D4)


To resolve these issues,

  • Check LED light on MX processor to make sure the cameras are connected and powered correctly
  • Verify the MX Processor IP address (LAN1 Adapter) is on the same IP subnet as the cameras
  • Close and reopen the VPM program
  • Check network adapter binding order (Instruction Article: KBA-01403-D0S2T6)

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