“Index used in list operation is not within bounds of existing list” – Datalogic VPM Error Message


This Error Message Article explains the Datalogic VPM error message “Index used in list operation is not within bounds of existing list.” (with VPM Code Reader tool highlighted in yellow) and details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.


This warning from VPM is indicating that a tool is creating an output of a variable list yet it is linked to another tool that is expecting only one value. The case that prompted this article was created when the Code Reader tool “Identical Codes Decoding” value was set to “True”. If multiple codes were detected, multiple codes were output. The Basic tool linked to this output had trouble since the variable linked to it was an String and only expecting one value.


Make sure the settings of the VPM tools match the output type.  In this case, the value should be changed from String to a type that matches “Identical Codes Decoding”.

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