Variable Data Missing from Print Preview – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Problem


This article applies to TEKLYNX CENTRAL, and explains the problem of variable data missing from the label preview.

Image of Print User screen showing missing data:


When looking at a print preview in the Print User (Browser) interface, the variable data is missing from the label preview.


This can occur when using the Product Variable feature in the TEKLYNX CENTRAL Print User interface.

If the key field record identified in the Print User interface (usually Item or Product number) is missing from the database, BUT that item/product number is setup in TCAdmin Data Configuration, the item number will appear on the Print User screen. Since it cannot reference the field in the database, all the variable fields tied to that key field (often Product Description, Weight, Case Pack, etc.) will not appear in the print preview image.


The label template should be modified to include a default and valid value for the key field record.

Additional Comments

TBD – Good opportunity to write an article about adding or removing a product from the Print User interface and an article about adding or removing records in a SQL table with SQL Management Studio.


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