Using SUP Code to Add Users or Features to Existing TEKLYNX Network License – Instructions

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If you have an existing network license for a TEKLYNX program, you can add additional users or features by using a SUP code. This is a fast, straightforward process that does not require you to uninstall or reinstall software.


STEP 1: Open the Network Toolbar and click on the License Manager button.

TEKLYNX Network Toolbar. Click on the icon with the key.

STEP 2: Select “Upgrade software license“.

Click on Upgrade software license to proceed to authorizing the network license.

STEP 3: Input the upgrade code and the password you received in the email from Efficient Business Integrators.

Enter the Serial Number and Password from the email.

STEP 4: Click Next and ensure that your registration information is still current. Make updates, if any, as needed. Then click Next.

STEP 5: You should see a confirmation that your software has been successfully upgraded.

If you experience an issue using the SUP code, please contact Efficient Business Integrators at 949-342-6920 or at


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