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This Example Article provides an example of how to use relative path nomenclature in SENTINEL for building complex XML-based Maps. Using a relative path for SENTINEL significantly cuts down on setup/configuration time.


If you are familiar with Windows folder structure or DOS command, you will recognize that “.. is the shortcut for previous level (higher) of folder structure.

Example (DOS-Command):

Your current position is in C:\Users\Me\document\Level1\Level2\Level3.

If you wish to move to Level2, you have two options: type in CD C:\Users\Me\document\Level1\Level2 or CD ...

As you can see, using .. is much shorter.

So if you are in Level3 and want to get to C:\Users\Me, you can enter CD ..\..\..\.. to get there.

Same concept applies to the map file except it uses “/” instead of “\”.

From the highlighted area in the picture below, you will notice that we made extensive use of ../

SENTINEL map showing extensive use of relative path symbols

Additional comments

Tested Using: SENTINEL v2018

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