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NiceLabel v10.2 expands the capabilities of the Dynamic Data Manager feature. It now allows users to add Google Sheets or Excel Online as a data source for a NiceLabel template. Instead of requiring a source database to be replaced each time a change was made, a label using online data can now print dynamically updated data fields. The instructions below show how to use this feature.


  • NiceLabel Designer 10.2 or newer must be installed
  • Excel Online – requires Microsoft user account
  • Google Sheets – requires Google user account


  1. Click the Data tab in NiceLabel Designer
  2. Then, click Dynamic Data Manager.
  1. In the Dynamic Data Manager window, select the All Databases icon.
  1. On the Database Type Selection screen, select either Google Sheets or Excel (Microsoft) OneDrive.
  1. In the Connection Settings window, select either Sign in with Google or Sign in with Microsoft as appropriate.
  1. Sign in with your account credentials.
  2. Select the data source from the Spreadsheet field.
  3. On the Tables and Fields screen, select which field columns will be used for the label template.
  1. Click Finish.
  2. The dynamic data from the online spreadsheet is now available for use in the label template.

Additional Comments

Tested using NiceLabel 10.2, Google Sheets and Excel Online.

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