“You are using more printer seats than your license allows…” – NiceLabel Error Message

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When attempting to print a label on NiceLabel, the software puts up an alert message in the dashboard that reads, “You are using more printer seats than your license allows: (XX/XX). Don’t worry, you will have 30 days to resolve the issue. Read more about managing printers.”

This article explains the situation that prompted the error message as well as how to correct the issue.


Each time a user prints to a new printer using NiceLabel software, the number of available “seats” goes down. The number of “licensed printers” goes up and are counted against the total allowed. This applies to not only NiceLabel Designer Pro (multiple printers), PowerForms Suite, LMS and NiceLabel Cloud. This list of printers is located in the Licensed Printers list.

The “30 days” mentioned in the warning message is a grace period. If the number of printers still exceeds the license’s quantity, NiceLabel will reduce the number of printers to the maximum allowed. It will drop those which are not reserved first, and then it will drop those which were last used the longest time ago.

The problem is how NiceLabel defines a “new printer.” It does so by logging the printer model and the printer location.

Printer Model – This information is embedded in the printer driver and cannot be changed by the user.

Printer Location – This is the printer’s IP address, if it is networked. For printers directly connected to a workstation, the PC and the printer port are the “location”.

For a deeper explanation, please visit this article.

As a result, the IT manager must be careful when adding printers. It is possible for NiceLabel to count the same printer twice if more than one workstation identifies it as a “new printer”. NiceLabel can also count PDF printers as “new printer” in certain situations.

It should also be noted that NiceLabel will automatically remove any printer that has not been used in the past week from the list. When this happens, the number of available seats will increase.

Quick Fixes

There are three workarounds to the problem:

Don’t use that “printer” for 7 days – As noted above, a printer will fall off the “authorized printer” list after a week of non-use. If the problem was caused by using a new workstation printing to that printer, then not using a workstation/printer combination for 7 days will free up a slot.

Upgrade License – if the actual printer count is more than the number covered by the license, then it may be time to consider upgrading the license. Contact us for assistance.

Use Save to PDF in PowerForms – This is useful in situations where NiceLabel is counting PDF printers. Instead, NiceLabel forms has a feature which allows the user to save the label as a PDF. This is the ideal solution if only a PDF is needed.


For a longer-term solution, the IT manager will need to enforce consistent printer setups. This will address the problem of NiceLabel counting the same printer more than once. You will need to make sure that you set up the Printer Model and Printer location to have a consistent address/location. This way, the printer’s ID will be identical regardless of which workstation is being used.

You can accomplish this by:

  • Using Printer Management in NiceLabel 10 for LMS Enterprise and NiceLabel Cloud (Business and Compliance Editions)
  • Using Windows Print Server
  • Carefully setting up networked and shared printers to keep Printer Model and Printer Location consistent.

Additional Comments

Issue found with NiceLabel 10

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