Using Grid Field Control to Print Data on Multiple Pages – CODESOFT Instructions


This Instruction Article explains how to print data (in the form of a data grid) on multiple labels / pages in CODESOFT. This feature is useful for organizations that print labels for pick lists, bills of material, or purchase orders. The Grid Field Control will generate a list that can span multiple pages.


  • Identify data source (typically database)
  • Determine how to best query the data (pull all data from a table or query data in a table based on a key field such as work order number)


  1. Open CODESOFT and create / select the label design file
  2. Create a data source for your ‘grid data’ (i.e. data that will be displayed on the label as a grid with a variable number of rows)
    1. If your data will come from a database chose either:
      • Pull ALL data from a table – Go straight to the Table Lookup data source to create a new Table Lookup and enter the SQL statement to will pull the data from the table
      • Pull ONLY a specific record (or records) from the table – Before going to Table Lookup data source, create a When Printed data source to capture the key field, then create your Table Lookup to enter the SQL statement using the When Printed data source as the key field
    2. If your date will come from human input or from SENTINEL – create When Printed fields for each possible line and field on the grid (i.e. if your grid is two columns and can go up to 20 lines, you will need 40 When Printed data sources)
  3. Insert and format the Grid Field object – use Grid Field tool found on the left side button shortcuts (Advanced Object Tool / GridField) to insert the object on the label design.
  4. Define each Grid Field cell (common options below)
    • Text (e.g. page # or other data)
    • Barcode
    • Image
    • Rich Text format

Outside Sources and Helpful Links

Video training on Grid Field objects:

Detailed Grid Field instructions:


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