Upgrading Zebra Printer Firmware – Instructions

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As product development continues a printer’s onboard software may need to be updated to take advantage of the latest developments, including bug fixes. Follow these steps below for upgrading Zebra printer firmware.


In order to download and install the new firmware on your printer, you will need to have one of the following:

  • FTP capability
  • ZDesigner Driver (if you are using this with your application)
  • ZebraNet Bridge
  • Zebra Setup Utility
  • ZDownloader Utility

You will also want to record the existing printer configurations before performing any firmware changes. Some settings may be set to default by the firmware upgrade process and will need to be manually re-set.

  • The printer must have media loaded and be ready to print before you begin



  1. Go to Zebra’s Printers Support and Download page.
  2. Enter your printer’s model number and you will go to its support page.
  3. Tap on PRINTER OS (FIRMWARE) to expand the menu.
  1. Choose the desired file and download it to your computer.
  2. Extract the file.


  1. Send the extracted .ZPL file to the printer through one of the following methods.
    NOTE: transfer times vary. It may take some time for the file to fully transfer and upgrade the firmware. Allow the process to fully complete before taking any printer or system action.
  • FTP – Use standard FTP commands to transfer the file.
  • ZDesigner Driver – Use the Send File feature under Tools.
  • Zebra Setup Utility – Use the Send File feature.
  • ZebraNet Bridge – Use the Copy/Paste File feature.
  • ZDownloader – Instructions for this method are located at this link on Zebra’s website.

When the firmware has been updated, the printer will perform a reset and then print a configuration list.


If the printer rejects the firmware, confirm that you have downloaded the correct version. If you do have the correct firmware, you can perform a Force Firmware Download. The instructions are different for each printer, and they can be found at this link on Zebra’s website.

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