Upgrade Version Network License – CODESOFT, LABELVIEW and LABEL MATRIX Instructions

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This article will walk you through the process of implementing an Upgrade Version Network License for TEKLYNX label design software Specifically, this is for users with a current subscription or SMA for the following TEKLYNX titles:



Before you begin, you will need to do and have the following:

  • Inform EBI of your upgrade plans in order to verify that your serial number will support the new version.
  • Pick a time when production will not be running.
  • Have the new version of your software ready
    • Download the installer for the new version of Network Utilities
    • Download the installer for the new version of the workstation software
  • If you are on a subscription plan, make sure that any renewal is already processed and confirm that the new number of days left on your plan is updated BEFORE starting the upgrade process. This will help avoid downtime if there is a problem with renewal.
  • Verify that your serial number and password are correct and close at hand.
  • Remember to allocate sufficient time to verify that label designs do not get distorted when opened within the new version.

Notes and Warnings

If you are changing the workstation, the following will likely need to be recreated on the new workstation:

  • Printers including print drivers and Windows print queues
  • Datbase connectivity such as ODBC connection parameters and possibly drivers


STEP 1 Upgrade Network Utilities

  1. If you are staying on the same server, you will need to remove your old software before installing the new version.
    If you are moving to a new server, skip to number 2, below.
    a. Deactivate the license for the old network utilities.
    b. Uninstall the old software
  2. Install the new Network Utilities Software.
  3. Activate the new Network Utilities Software using the same serial number and password.
    Instructions for deactivating and reactivating a license can be found here.

STEP 2 Upgrade the Workstation

  1. If you are staying on the same workstation, you’ll need to remove your old software before installing the new version.
    If you are installing on a new workstation, skip to Step 5, below.
  2. Install the new workstation software.
  3. Connect the new workstation software to the new network utilities.
    Instructions for connecting a new workstation to the license server can be found here.

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