Upgrade a USB Key License (LABEL MATRIX, LABELVIEW, CODESOFT) – Instruction Article


This Instruction Article explains how to upgrade an existing USB key for LABEL MATRIX, LABELVIEW, and CODESOFT. It explains how to upgrade the key license to a newer version.


The overall process:

  1. Run the upgrade.exe application to generate the C2R file
  2. Email the C2R file to TEKLNX (cc EBS)
  3. TEKLYNX emails R2C file back
  4. Run the upgrade.exe application to use the R2C (from TEKLYNX) to complete the key upgrade

LABELVIEW and CODESOFT USB Key Upgrade Application: 

This file can be generated by launching the upgrade.exe. found in Program Files > TEKLYNX > Product Name and Version > upgrade.exe (ie. C:\ProgramFiles\Teklynx\LABELVIEW20XX\upgrade.exe) * where XX represents the software release year

LABEL MATRIX USB Key Upgrade Application:

This file can be generated by launching the upgrade.exe. found in Program Files > TEKLYNX > Product Name and Version > Tools > Dongle > upgrade.exe (ie. C:\ProgramFiles\Teklynx\LABEL MATRIX20XX\tools\dongle\upgrade.exe) * where XX represents the software release year

Once you have the C2R file you will need to email it to the production team at teklynx_production@teklynx.com

Also please cc. info@efficientbp.com

You will then be provided with a R2C file that you will need to open using the upgrade.exe. (Follow the steps above to locate the upgrade.exe file in your software) 

*NOTE: In some instances you will not need to provide a C2R file to obtain a R2C upgrade file. In those instances, TEKLYNX will automatically generate the R2C file for you and provide it to you when you receive the upgrade confirmation email from the production team. In this scenario, you can skip to the last step of opening the R2C file using the upgrade.exe executable.

Outside Sources and Helpful Links

You can view a three minute TEKLYNX instructional video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax3XhPtxJG4

Additional Comments

If you have questions about upgrading, or need to order a new license, please email us at info@efficientbp.com, or give us a call at 949-600-6970, press 1 for customer service.


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