Update the Configuration of a Datalogic Fixed Position Barcode Scanner


Datalogic industrial barcode scanners hold the configuration settings within the scanner itself (not in the CBX control box).  The user can access and update these settings by connecting a PC running Datalogic’s Genius software to a CBX control box via a serial RS232 connection.  If that control box is then connected to the scanner, the user can download and upload settings from the Genius software to and from the scanner.  These instructions explain how to connect to a Datalogic industrial barcode scanner and update settings.


  1. Verify CBX box is plugged into an active power source
    • In CBX box, blue LED light inside the box should illuminate
    • On scanner LCD panel and power LED (blue) should illuminate
  2. Connect PC to the serial port (9 pin) inside of CBX box
    • If PC does not have a serial port, a USB to Serial adapter is required
    • Use a straight serial cable (not null modem) to connect the serial port on the PC (or serial adapter) to the CBX box

  3. Run Genius software on the PC
    • Genius will attempt to connect to the device on startup.  If it fails, it will pause and open the Tools window at the Connections tab to allow the user to update the connection settings
    • If Genius is able to open the port to the CBX box (and thus the scanner), the bottom of the window will show the connection settings (e.g. COM3 115200 N 8 1) and an icon that show a small ‘x’ near the bottom.
  4. Upload or “Get” scanner configuration from the scanner into the PC
    • From the top “Device” drop down menu, select “Get”
    • Genius will then connect to the scanner and pull the configuration information into the Genius screen
  5. Make changes to configuration within Genius
  6. Download or “Send” scanner configuration from the PC into the scanner
    • From the top “Device” drop down menu, select “Send”
    • Genius will connect to the scanner and prompt the user for the “Send Mode” (permanent or temporary)
    • After selection of Send Mode, Genius will push out the configuration information into the scanner memory

Outside Sources and Helpful Links

DS4800 scanner support page on Datalogic (incl. Genius software download link):


Additional Comments

Recommended to bring to scanner site:

  • Philips head screwdriver – CBX box secured with four standard sized Philip head screws.
  • Tape measure – helpful when setting focal distance
  • Ethernet cable tester – helps to troubleshoot Ethernet connections if Ethernet module is used

This was tested using Windows 10 running Genius software v1.12.1 using the following equipment:

  • USB to serial converter (Datalogic PN#890002740 aka USBGear with FTDI USB serial)
  • 6FT straight serial cable – Datalogic PN#93ACC0091
  • CBX500 control box
  • DS4800 Industrial Scanner – Datalogic


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