Unlocking Built-In UMSS Accounts (Administrator / Print User) – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Reference Article


This Reference Article defines and explains the topic of unlocking a UMSS built-in account.


Built-in UMSS User Group Accounts

These are special predefined users and user groups in TEKLYNX CENTRAL designed for specific purposes (e.g. Print User group is for print only users). They are automatically created during TEKLYNX CENTRAL installation with the permissions hard coded. Often they play a key role in TC operations and therefore should never be changed or deleted.

Generally speaking, the built-in user accounts in UMSS should never be locked. However, we have seen instances where they are. There are several things that can cause the built-in account to be locked. Most common are excessive incorrect password attempts.

The “Locked” Field in the UMSS Database

The UMSS user account information is stored in USERS table in the UMSS database.  The account locked information is stored in the LOCKED column. The value of 1 indicates that the account is locked and the value of 0 indicates that the account is unlocked. To unlock the account, the field must be changed to the LOCKED value of 0.


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