Unlock Datalogic DSXXX Barcode Scanner Settings – Datalogic Scanner Instruction Article


Flashing READY and Status lights on the Datalogic DSXXX Fixed Position Barcode Scanners typically indicate a problem with the settings.  When settings are locked, the physical properties of the scanner and/or CBX box need to be changed to adjust to scanner settings.  If the settings of the scanner need to be adjusted, then the scanner settings must first be unlocked before the changes can be made.  This article shows the steps required to unlock the settings on a locked scanner.

Estimated Time Required

15 minutes or less.


  1. Start Genius
  2. Upload scanner settings from device selecting “Device \ Get”
  3. Navigate to LEDs & Keypad \ Key Functionality
  4. Change the Key Functionality setting to “Unlocked”
  5. “Send” configuration to scanner (Device \ Send)…scanner is now unlocked

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Additional Comments

Article created using: Genius 1.12.1


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