“Unhandled exception has occurred. Failed to establish connection to the server…” – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Error Message

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While attempting to launch TEKLYNX CENTRAL 6.0 for the first time after installing it, the user received an error message reading, “Unhandled exception has occurred. Failed to establish connection to the server…” A second attempt resulted in a different message which explained the error situation further. This article will explain the cause and show the solution which will allow you to launch TEKLYNX CENTRAL without further issue.

Unhandled exception error message upon starting TEKLYNX CENTRAL


The Tkx Servers Service failed to start. Without this service running, Windows is unable to connect to required TEKLYNX or SQL server during startup. Port 8989 is one of the critical ports needed for the LABEL ARCHIVE component.

A few problems can cause TkxServerService not to start. Two we encountered include:

  1. TkxServerService Logon Account Lacks Necessary Permissions – In one situation, the user attempted to open TEKLYNX CENTRAL right after installing it. During the installation process, the user selected “Local System account for all of the installed Windows Services setup.
  2. Inactive or Expired License – In another situation, TEKLYNX CENTRAL lacked a activation (either demo period expired or license previously deactivated). Activating the license resolved the issue.

Quick Fixes

Check the TkxServerService status and login credentials. If this looks correct, check for license activation and contact EBI Support for assistance.

Additional Comments

If credentials aren’t the issue, licensing and drive space issues are other causes of this error message.

Issue found: TEKLYNX CENTRAL v6.0 running on Windows Server 2016

If you need further assistance, please contact us.


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