“Unfortunately, the software could not be activated… This addon license…” When Upgrading License – TEKLYNX Error Message

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This article explains the cause of the error message “Unfortunately, the software could not be activated.” that may occur when upgrading SENTINEL or other TEKLYNX software products. It also provides the step needed to resolve the issue.

The error message appearing in the License Manager window of SENTINEL 2015.


This particular error appeared when a user attempted to upgrade their copy of SENTINEL to expand the number of licensed printers. They entered the SUPxxxxxx code that was provided by TEKLYNX. However, while they entered a valid number, they entered it for a different license. This mismatch of the NSPFxxxxxx number and SUP prevented the software upgrade.


To avoid receiving “Unfortunately, the software could not be activated.” error message, ensure that the SUP number is correct for the NSPF software license number.


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