“Unfortunately, the software could not be activated…” TEKLYNX Error Messages

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There are a number of situations where a user may encounter a message reading, “Unfortunately, the software could not be activated…” while activating or upgrading TEKLYNX software. The first part of the message is followed by a code and a short explanation of the cause. Our clients have reported these messages in SENTINEL, CODESOFT, LABEL MATRIX, and TEKLYNX CENTRAL so the same factors that can cause failure in one program are likely to be the cause of an activation failure in other TEKLYNX software.

This article serves as a “hub” to collect and link to the articles that provide explanations and solutions to situations which generate the “Unfortunately, the software could not be activated…” message. While these individual articles can be found normally through our normal search process, they are linked below for your convenience along with a brief summary to help guide you to the right issue. Please note that even if the screen shots are for one TEKLYX application, the cause and solution apply to other TEKLYNX software.

“No remaining activations for this license.” Error message #37.5013
If the TEKLYNX activation server has determined that all activations available to this license have been used, it will not allow another activation. The TEKLYNX activation server must be updated to allow another activation.

“This addon license must be applied to a base license which cannot be found on this system.” Error message #272
This message appears when the user mistakenly enters the wrong type of license code.

“This license can activate a network product only.” Error message #280
This occurs if the user mistakenly attempts to enter a serial number and password for a TEKLYNX Network License Utilities applications rather than a single user license tied to a workstation.

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