“Unfortunately, the software could not be activated… License can activate a network product only…” – TEKLYNX Error Message

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This Error Message Article explains the CODESOFT error message:

“Unfortunately, the software could not be activated. 280 – This license can activate a network product only. Please use the Network License Manager to activate it or contact Tech Support for assistance.”

This article also details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.

CODESOFT License Error Message #280


This error message occurred while attempting to activate CODESOFT on a workstation with a network license key (i.e. serial number and password). Network license keys can only activate TEKLYNX Network License Utilities applications. These include:

  • CODESOFT Network License Utilities
  • LABELVIEW Network License Utilities
  • LABEL MATRIX Network License Utilities


To use the Network version of CODESOFT, you must install the Network License Utilities (scenario #5 in the link) on the server or on a workstation that will act as a server. Then install the CODESOFT software on each client workstation and point it to the Network Utilities.

Diagram showing how PCs access the Network Utilities (running on a server)

Additional Comments

Issue Found: CODESOFT v2018

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