Unable to Save Changes to a Shared Variable File – CODESOFT Problem

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Windows presents a “This file is set to read only” error message when the user attempts to save an updated CODESOFT shared variable file from a different application. This article explains why the message occurs and what to do about it.

Windows ‘read only’ error message

Situation and symptoms

  • Editing the file (e.g. .lst, .fre, .fom, .cpt) with a third part text editor (e.g. Notepad…not CODESOFT)
  • Attempting to save the file presents a “This file is set to read only.” error message


TEKLYNX’s developers want users to update the shared variable files from within CODESOFT. This is done in order to prevent users from accidentally altering or deleting the file that contains the shared list data. TEKLYNX sets the file to ‘read only’ in order to discourage users from editing the file outside of CODESOFT.


Use CODESOFT to update the shared variable file. Do not attempt to edit the files directly.

You can find instructions on how to update the list from CODESOFT here: http://efficientbi.com/?post_type=ht_kb&p=9210


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