Unable to Reinstall or Uninstall Software – Windows Problem Article


This Reference Article provides a link to a utility program by Microsoft that may help with the software installation/uninstall.

Situation and Symptoms

  • Uninstall / reinstall fails
  • Error messages do not provide for a solution


Sometimes the uninstaller leaves certain files or registry entries on the computer. This files or registry entries may interfere with the new installation. Often called a ‘dirty’ uninstall, the reinstall will not proceed until the offending files and entries are removed.


This problem is common enough that Microsoft created a utility to assist in fixing this problem. This link will connect you to Microsoft website article where you can download the latest version of the utility.

Additional Comments

Microsoft updates the article and utility provided in the link above frequently. Please check for the latest version and read the article to make sure that it is applicable to your situation.


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