“Unable to establish the connection with the name…” – CODESOFT Error Message

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Using the Open merge database with document feature in CODESOFT attempts to establish the connection to the database when the label design is opened. However, if this fails, the user gets the error message “Unable to establish the connection with the name “[Database Connection]”. Please check if it exists or select another connection.” This article will explain the cause and provide the steps needed to resolve it.

“Unable to establish the connection…” error message.


So far, we’ve found two reasons that cause this connection issue:

The database query references invalid values

In one situation, the SQL query referenced a When Printed field that experienced a name change. However, the SQL query wasn’t updated after field name was changed.

An example of a mismatched SQL query and “When Printed” value.

Database Connection was not selected.

In another situation, the database was not selected after the label design was opened. Selecting the database resolved the issue.

Making the Database connection

Quick Fixes

Updating the SQL query field name and/or selecting the database will resolve the issue.

Additional Comments

Issue found in TEKLYNX Enterprise v2021.

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