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While it is relatively easy to upgrade from a single workstation license to a network licensing plan, it is difficult to change the licensing method back to using a local soft key activation or a USB stick activation. Regardless of the reason for the “downgrade” once the network license expires, the software will stop working. Without access to the network license, it is difficult to change the license method to use your new, valid license. This article will guide you through the way to make the change using the CS.ini configuration file.

Situation and Symptoms

  • CODESOFT originally licensed for Network using Network Utilities software
  • Network Utilities software is no longer activated, or unavailable.


When activating CODESOFT with a network license, the software’s settings point to the server hosting the Network Manager or Network Utilities application in order to verify the validity of the license. The applications manage the issuance of activations based on the numbers of users assigned to that license.

However, if CODESOFT can no longer access the Network Utilities, it will no longer launch. This sets up a Catch-22. You need to change the settings so that it recognizes the single-user licenses in the software, But because it doesn’t see the single-user license, it won’t launch to allow you to make the changes.


Fortunately, you can change the network settings in the CS.ini file to get around this problem. It is located at C:\ProgramData\Teklynx\CODESOFT

CODESOFT CS.ini File Network License Setting

In these settings, Network=1 means the local instance of CODESOFT is using Network Utilities for the license. Change the value to Network=0 and CODESOFT will no longer look for Network Utilities. Instead it will look on the local computer for either a softkey activation or a USB dongle.

Additional Comments

Issue found with CODESOFT 2021.

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