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When accessing a Excel file via OneDrive, users receive an error message reading Unable to cast object of type “EuroPlus.Databases.Core.CloudSheetDatabaseDataSetDescription’ to type ‘a.b.a.e’”. However, when this file was accessed as a local file earlier, no error occurred. This article will explain the problem and provide a work around.


As of NiceLabel 10.2, users can now add a database connection with OneDrive. Using OneDrive allows for multiple users to access and update a file. By connecting to OneDrive with Nicelabel Designer, you can use an Excel database on the drive as the database.

The issue that prompted this article occurred when a user changed the connection to the Excel file used in a table from a local one to the OneDrive option.

After this connection change is made, the user will receive the error message.

Quick Fix

As of this writing, and NiceLabel 10.3 (Build, there has not yet been a patch introduced to fix this issue. The workaround is to use the same method used to connect to a local database for the OneDrive-hosted one. When making the connection to the database, browse for the file through SharePoint and then select the Excel file. While this provides the same data, the actual path will differ by user, but it will avoid the issue.

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