“Unable to add this font: definition incomplete” – CODESOFT Error Message

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This Error Message Article explains the CODESOFT error message “Unable to add this font: definition incomplete”. The error appears when trying to use the Font download feature in a TEKLYNX embedded print driver. This article also details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.

CODESOFT ‘Unable to add this font’ error message


The error message occurs when trying to use the “>>” button to add a font to the list of graphic fonts to download to the printer. The message indicates that the form does not have all of the required information.

The information required to add a font includes:

  • Name – how this font is shows in the driver
  • Identifier – how this font will appear on the CODESOFT font list
  • Display font – which font, from the list of Windows fonts already installed on the computer, CODESOFT will download to the printer at print time
Fields required to avoid the ‘Unable to add this font’ error message


To avoid the error message, make sure that the required fields are complete before trying to add the font to the download list box (i.e. before pressing “>>”). When they are complete, the Name field will appear in the font download box and all variables will clear.

ARIAL REGULAR named font saved for download to printer as a ‘Printer Font’

Additional Comments

Issue Found: CODESOFT v2018

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