Unable to Select Printer – SENTINEL Problem Article


A user could not add an additional printer to SENTINEL, even while following the standard procedure. This article examines the steps taken to resolve the issue and provides a partial solution. It will be updated after further investigation.

Target audience for this article: IT/Support Personnel.

Situation and Symptoms

When attempting to add printers to SENTINEL (see window, above):

  • Printer(s) selected by checking boxes
  • Click OK to close window and save changes.
  • Reopen the CODESOFT Printing Plug-In window
  • Checkboxes for selected printers were now unchecked.


Troubleshooting to resolve the incident involved the following steps:

  • Verified that there were sufficient printer licenses available
  • Verified that user could access the printer configuration folder: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Teklynx\Sentinel
  • The user was able to remove a printer from the configuration


At this time, we have discovered no clear solution to this problem. However, stopping and restarting SENTINEL services appear to have resolved the problem. Restarting the server also fixed the problem.


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