Cannot Open MCL’s Main Menu on a Datalogic Falcon X3 – PDT Problem


This article explains the PDT problem that skips the main menu of MCL.


  • User is attempting to access the main menu of MCL on a PDT
  • Upon startup, MCL loads application
  • Option to navigate to the main menu does not appear


For the convenience of the PDT end user, MCL on a PDT loads the application immediately on startup and skips the MCL main configuration window.


The main configuration menu can be accessed at startup by pressing the Function and Down Arrow keys during program startup.  For the Falcon X3, the procedure works like this:

  1. Starting from the main screen in Windows > Start menu > All Programs > Double tap MCL
  2. While MCL is loading (there should be a loading bar towards the bottom of the screen), Press the ‘Function’ (yellow) button on the keypad followed by the ‘Down’ arrow
  3. Continuously press the ‘Function’ (yellow) button on the keypad followed by the ‘Down’ arrow until the main menu of MCL appears on the screen


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