Unable to Connect to LABEL ARCHIVE Server – LABEL ARCHIVE Problem


This article explains several possible causes for a connection error in LABEL ARCHIVE that prevents connection to a server.


Starting LABEL ARCHIVE Client or logging into LABEL ARCHIVE from CODESOFT will not work. One of several error messages appears when the connection is attempted.


The LABEL ARCHIVE local plugin cannot connect to the LABEL ARCHIVE server.

The problem can be caused by:

  • LABEL ARCHIVE service not running on the server (Service name = “Label Archive Service”)
  • Network preventing access
  • LABEL ARCHIVE Client Administrator server setting using the “//” (this produced the generic ‘Connect Error’ message)
  • LABEL ARCHIVE Client Administrator server setting set to ‘localhost’ instead of correct server name  (this produced the Code : 10 error message)
  • LABEL ARCHIVE (Server and Client) login settings incorrectly set (tihs produced the Code : 8192 error message)


Start by logging directly into the LABEL ARCHIVE server and running the LABEL ARCHIVE server application. If it is able to start, the problem is most likely a security issue. The client’s IT group will need to assist with finding the communication block.

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