Unable to Connect Genius (PC) to a Datalogic Fixed Position Barcode Scanner – Problem Article


When updating scanner settings or during setup of a new fixed position scanner system, it is necessary to connect to the scanner through the CBX box from a PC running Genius software from Datalogic.  The connection can be tricky.  This is especially true when using a USB to Serial converter since many newer computers and laptops do not have dedicated serial ports.  This article explains some of the common connection issues and points towards specific steps to resolve them.


Symptoms of the bad PC/Genius to scanner connection include:

  • “Device is not connected or does not respond.”  error message in Genius (see link below to error message article)


Connecting from the PC/Genius to the Datalogic barcode scanner requires:

  • PC with a recent version of Genius installed correctly
  • USB to serial converter (for computers without a serial port)
  • Good connection to the serial port in a CBX box with a ‘straight through’ serial cable
  • Correct scanner connected securely to the CBX box

Without all these factors, Genius will not be able to contact the firmware inside the Datalogic fixed position scanner.


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