UMSS Database – each of the USERGROUPS and USERS Tables each have only one record – Teklynx Central Problem

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After a successful installation of Teklynx Central 5.0 and application of PostReleaseFix_v2, the USERGROUPS and USERS tables each have only one record. There is only the Administrators USERGROUPS table of the UMSS database and only the Administrator record in USERS table. This is despite the fact that there should be many more built-in User Groups as well as Users.

Check the article TkxSvrServer Services Starts and then Stops.  When the services for Teklynx Central could not start immediately after the installation, the installation is considered incomplete.  Normally, when the services first startup, they will perform a “Register application in UMSS”. This process creates all required users and groups.  You just looked in the database prematurely. When Teklynx Central is launched, it will fully populate the tables.


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