“Trial Period Is Expired” – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Error Message

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TEKLYNX offers many of its programs on a limited time free trial basis. When that time passes, attempts to launch the software will result in a message reading, “Trial period is expired. Click on ‘View Connected Users and Statistics’ for more details.”


Simply put, the message appears because the trial period has expired. In order to continue to use TEKLYNX CENTRAL, you will need a valid activation. However, despite what the message indicates, we noticed that the “View Connected Users and Statistics” feature was non-functional.

Quick Fixes

If you have a valid license and know the serial number and password needed to activate the sofware, select “Add Licenses” and begin the activation process.

Contact EBI for a valid license, a trial period extension or for any other assistance.

Additional Comments

Issue found with TEKLYNX CENTRAL v5.0.

If you need further assistance, please contact us.


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