“To run web applications, you have to be defined as authorized user…” – NiceLabel Web Print Error Message.

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This Error Message Article explains the NiceLabel Web Print error message “To run web applications, you have to be defined as authorized user. Contact your application provider.” This article also details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.

NiceLabel Web Client Error Message


When running the Web Client or NiceLabel Designer you must successfully connect and authenticate the user to a correctly configured NiceLabel Application.

Possible problems with doing this that can trigger this message include:

#1. Not able to connect to correct NiceLabel server (could be on-premise / LMS or hosted in the cloud / NiceLabel Cloud)

#2. User not added to NiceLabel server (and thus cannot authenticate to it)

#3. Valid user not added to an Application (user must belong to at least one Application to user the Web Client)

#4.Valid user with a valid Application using Workflow or Versioning that lacks an approved label

NiceLabel Control Center with Workflows Enabled


#1. Verify the app (Web Client or Designer) is connected to the correct server.

Web Client: For LMS (on premise) run the Web Client app. For NiceLabel lCoud, log into Web Client (https://[account name].onnicelabel.com), authenticate, and then click the “Launch Print Solution” button

Designer: For LMS (on premise) run the Designer app. Check the Account in Help/About. Log out and log in to reactivate the software.

NiceLabel Designer Help / About – Sign out

#2. Verify user setup in Control Center.

  • LMS Control Center: Administration / Application Users
  • NiceLabel Cloud Control Center: Administration / Users
NiceLabel Add User

#3. Verify the user is assigned to an Web Application

Add User to Web Application

#4. Verify Web Application is correctly configured

Disabling the Workflow feature in the Control Center will make NiceLabel Web Print “authorized user” error message disappear. However, if you plan to use workflows, the long-term solution is to approve the label so NiceLabel can find an approved version when using NiceLabel Web Client.

Document Storage Settings

Assuming they hold permissions, the user can easily approve a label by right-clicking on the label and selecting “Workflow step”. This will push the approval one step. Once you complete all steps of the approval workflow, the label will be approved. You should then be able to authenticate with Workflow enabled.

NiceLabel Workflow Step Option for Approval

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Issue Found:

  • NiceLabel LMS v
  • NiceLabel Business Cloud Version

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