TkxSvrServer Services Starts and then Stops – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Problem

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Upon launching Teklynx Central, the TkxSvrServer service starts but then stops functioning almost immediately. We encountered  this situation immediately after we applied PostReleaseFixes_V2 to a recent installation of Teklynx Central 5.0.  We followed the instructions but the service continues to stop after launching.


The Tkx.TkxSvr.ServerService.exe.config (in C:\Program Files (x86)\Teklynx\TkxSvrServers) file contains extra entries in the <databaseadapter sections.  The PostReleaseFix changed the way TC communicates with SQL server. The update to fix this Teklynx Central Installation Issue requires only 5 entries:

<connectionstring>Data Source=SQL\ServerInstance>;</connectionstring>
<connectionstring>Initial Catalog=UMSS;</connectionstring>
<connectionstring>User ID=UserName;</connectionstring>
<connectionstring>Password=User’s Password;</connectionstring>
<connectionstring>Integrated Security=false;</connectionstring>

Example of changing the TkxServer Service config in the MSGS Catalog.
Example of changing the TkxServer Service config in the UMSS Catalog.

The Integrated Security should be false if you are using SQL built-in users. If you are using Windows’ credentials, it should be SSPI.


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