TkxSvr Server Service will not Stay in Running State – Problem Article


TkxSvr Server Services will start but will not stay in running state.  This problem appeared when testing different TEKLYNX CENTRAL upgrade scenarios between v4.0 and v4.6.


  • TEKLYNX CENTRAL will not start due to failed TkxSvr Server Service failure to start
  • Manual start of the service fails as well with ‘service on Local Computer started and then stopped’ error message.


There is a mismatch between the TEKLYNX CENTRAL version (that installed the TkxSvr Server Service) and the TEKLYNX CENTRAL version that created the database.  TkxSvr Server Service is looking for license information stored in the UMSS database that no longer exists.

The details can be found in the Event Viewer:

The problem is that the program is looking for a SERVERID field (column) in LICENSEUSED table in UMSS database. This field exists in the 4.0 database but not in 4.5.

4.5 Database


4.6 Database



Make sure the version of the software running (that created TkxSvr Server Services) matches the version of software that created the database.



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