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Following the twice yearly resetting of clocks, the timestamp shows correctly during print preview. However once printed, out the timestamp is incorrect after the time change. The timestamp will show either an hour ahead or an hour behind the current time.

Situation And Symptoms

  • The computer’s clock updated due to the time change to/from Daylight Savings Time.
  • The print preview of the label shows the correct time stamp.
  • However, once printed, the label is off by an hour – showing the time as if the change had not happened.


The label’s timestamp is mostly likely configured to use the printer’s real-time-clock (RTC). While the computer’s internal clock updated, the printer’s clock does not automatically change with the beginning or end of Daylight Savings Time.

An example of a timestamp set to use the printer’s internal clock.


The solution is to update the printer’s RTC. This is done by using the printer’s managing software. The exact software used depends on the manufacturer. For example, SATO printers use the All-In-One Tool printer management utility. Zebra printers use the appropriately-named Printer Setup Utilities. Open the appropriate printer management utility program on the PC and update the printer’s clock to the current time.

Additional Comments

Issue found with NiceLabel 10 and a Zebra ZE500 printer.

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